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Updated: July 5th, 2023.

The Sonic Imagery Labs Philosophy

While our products focus on practical solutions for the recording, broadcast and music industries, one thing remains consistent; our passion for inspiring musical creativity and innovation through state of the art audio electronics and engineering technologies.

We approach professional audio hardware design with a life-long passion for recorded sound, and a background spanning the disciplines of electrical engineering; semiconductor physics, recording studio systems design, and operations; as well as music production and performance.

While our web footprint is tiny, Sonic Imagery Labs maintains a growing network of trusted specialists, engineers, technicians and fabricators. Recognizing the dynamic role of this niche industry, Sonic Imagery Labs also receives experienced consulting from our immediate colleagues, guiding perspective from our service clients, and trusted feedback from our loyal end-users worldwide.

Although you will seldom find it published, a designer and manufacturer's philosophy is indeed built into every product. We believe that true quality is in the details. It's seen in the chosen precision components, in the simple and solid construction, in the comprehensive manuals, and most importantly in the care and concern of the dedicated crew at Sonic Imagery Labs that make it all happen.

Since 1988, Sonic Imagery Labs has offered:

The design of genuine solutions to real signal chain problems.
* To produce Sonic Imagery Labs products that are a great value and pleasure to use.
* Design & manufacture for the maximum quality and the longest life fitting the application

Sonic Imagery Labs designs, manufactures, sells, and modifies premium (commonly referred to as "boutique" or "high end") professional audio and broadcast equipment, specifically analog signal processors primarily intended for the performance, recording, broadcast, and mixing of music. Aside from carrying out these activities under the Sonic Imagery Labs name, we also develop products for third-party brands, and upgrade replacement components for select lines of unsupported vintage equipment.

Bleeding Edge Technology for Performance.

We are an AES member

Member of NAMM

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