PCB Pin Sockets for Model 990Enh-Ticha/995FET-Ticha Discrete
Operational Amplifier

Updated May 3rd, 2023

PCB Pin Sockets Specifications PDF
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General Description:
PCB Pin Sockets for Model 990Enh-Ticha/995FET-Ticha Discrete
Operational Amplifier

It is highly recommended that the user not solder the pins directly to the mating printed circuit board. Overheating the pin during soldering creates a cold solder joint at the other end internal to the module and can lead to failure. Permanant soldering of the pin prevents easy removal of the module. Lastly, soldering prevents one from servicing components which may lie underneath the module.

Many types of sockets for 0.040” diameter pins are available from several manufacturers. Sonic Imagery Labs uses and stocks the sockets from Mill-Max. Sockets from other manufacturers listed below perform equally well. These sockets can be soldered or swaged in your printed circuit board. Additionally, users can purchase a set of six from Sonic Imagery Labs online.

Mill-Max Part Number 0344-2-19-15-34-27-10-0
190 Pine Hollow Road,
PO Box 300
Oyster Bay NY 11771

Wearnes Cambion Ltd Part Number 450-3756-02-03
Peverial House
Mill Bridge, Castleton
Hope Valley S33 8WR
United Kingdom

Concord Electronics Corp Part Number 09-9035-2-03
33-00 47th Ave
Level 1A
Long Island City, NY 11101

The sockets can be mounted in from the top side of the PCB or from the bottom side. If top side mounting is used, the passive components for the 990Enh-Ticha could ideally laid out underneath the op-amp. This would minimize long traces and associated parasitics with a PCB layout having components on the outer perimeter of the opamp.

Pin sockets shown mounted in from top side of printed circuit board.

PCB Pin Sockets Specifications PDF
PCB Pin Sockets Qty (6) Purchase Online

Contact us directly for OEM and quantity pricing.

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